Speed UP 2GB RAM PC WINDOWS 10/8.1/7

As the time is passing, New PC’s and Laptops are being released. Usage of RAM is increasing day-by-day. Slow 2GB Ram pc gives trouble. It is difficult to live even if you have 4 GB of  RAM . So, what about 2 GB RAM computers? Is there a way with which you can speed up 2 GB Ram PC and can reduce lags while gaming? Yes, in this article i will share different ways with which you can boost up a slower 2 GB RAM PC to make it run faster even than a  4 GB RAM PC.

Speed UP 2 GB RAM PC By Using MS Config

Press Windows Button and R together. You need to go to boot tab and then click on Advanced Options in Microsoft Config. Then a new tab will popup. You have to check the number of processors and maximum memory. After that fill or select the high number to boost your PC and click on Apply. After that you need to restart your PC to make the changes take affect. This will allow your PC to use maximum memory and it will boost your processor speed. This will allow high end games to take more RAM from your PC. It will significantly increase fps and will reduce lag. This will also solve the problem of USABLE RAM.

How To Boost 2 GB RAM PC FPS In Games By Using A Game Booster

Smart Game Booster is a software which speed ups your PC and boost fps in games and it is being used by lots of people. Superb game booster works with every Direct X 9 game. When you will download and install Superb game booster, you will be able to see all the installed games on your PC. If you can’t see your game then you can manually add your game by locating it’s main .exe file. This file can be found where the game is installed. This software also shows FPS ( Frames Per Second ) In every game which you run through Smart Game Booster.


Download Smart Game Booster:Click Here To Download

This Game booster may not work with every game because it supports limited amount of games and some games are based on different technologies.

How To Boost Games On 2 GB Ram PC

If you got a low end PC and you also want to play high end games on it then using Hialgo Boost can be the best option to reduce the graphics settings to the lowest possible. Hialgo boost renders the graphics and reduces the resolution by 50% which can help to increase fps in games running on 2 GB RAM PC like CS:GO, Far Cry 3, Sky rim, Grand Theft Auto 4 and many more games like these. There are 3 versions of Hialgo, These are :-

Hialgo Boost:- Renders Resolution, Decreases Game Settings To The Lowest Possible. 😈
Switch:- Decreases Game Resolution About 50%.
Chill:- Cools PC’s temperature.

See my YouTube video to Activate Hialgo Boost

How To Activate Hialgo Boost,Chill and Switch To Boost PC Games

You can Hialgo just by pressing middle mouse button or F10. On starting a game, you will see a popup, you just need to press activate and then you will also see a fps meter up there.

How To Increase PC Speed Using Performance Options

You can also change the looks of your PC if you are facing problems in opening up Windows Explorer. If your PC slows down during surfing on the internet, then this indicates that your PC’s performance is bad. If you want to make your PC run faster then you need to change some performance settings. To change this, you need to:-

Open This PC > Right Click and Click on Properties > Advanced System Settings ( On Left Side )
Go To Advanced Tab And Navigate To Performance And Click On Settings

Select These Settings  To Boost Your PC

spee- up- slow-pc

You can select the settings which i have selected in the Visual Effects tab. If you will not select these settings then your PC’s images and thumbnails will look scraggy. So be sure to select these settings. In Windows 7 there is a option which enables Windows 7 theme and changes it to Windows XP theme. You can enable that option for maximum performance.

Increase Virtual RAM Of 2 GB PC

Next you need to go to Advanced Tab. In that tab, you will find first option which is Processor Scheduling. Two options are given which are adjust for best performance of Programs and Background services. You have to select Programs option in advanced tab. If you will select Background services then your PC’s Processor will focus to control background services first. This will significantly decrease your PC’s stability and performance and will cause lag.
If you have 2 GB RAM then type 4096 in those boxes. Tick the required boxes as shown in this picture. After filling the suitable values, click on Set and after that you need to restart your PC to apply the changes. This will increase your PC’s virtual Ram which is beneficial and will help in increase the stability of your laptop or computer.

Select Following Options To Increase Ram


The last tab is Data Execution Prevention. You need to do nothing in that tab . Just keep it empty as it is used for some programs only.


How To Make 2GB RAM PC Run Faster For Gaming| Windows 10/9/8.1/7


By using some software and game boosters, you can take your 2 GB RAM PC’s performance to a peak. Although 2 GB Ram is not enough to survive in 2018. You won’t be able to run Windows 10’s latest updates or Windows 8. But you can still use Windows 7 but it will die in 2020. My recommendation is that you should upgrade your RAM to at least 4 GB. If you can upgrade it to 8 GB then it will be great. 2 GB is not enough to browse the internet.If you will use superb game boost then it will increase performance in high end games. If you need to use lowest settings possible for a game then go for Hialgo Boost.

This is it for today.  Above i showed you the whole process with which you can boost up your PC which has 2 GB, 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. If you are still facing any problems regarding this then you can contact me here. Feel free to ask anything related to my YouTube Channel or related to this post.

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