Play Pubg Mobile On Phoenix OS

Pubg mobile has changed the era of mobile gaming. We used to play boring games earlier on our mobile phones but after the release of pubg mobile, everyone is addicted to it. Some people also play pubg mobile on PC using tencent gaming buddy which is usually an emulator. As tencent gaming buddy is an emulator, it lags like hell even on high end PC’s. This emulator is running on Windows OS, so it doesn’t get much RAM and CPU usage. To give Pubg Mobile full ram and CPU usage, Phoenix OS is there. Phoenix is an android operating system based on x86 and x64 projects. Pubg Mobile runs only on x64 CPU’s. You need a CPU which is x64. To check whether your CPU is x64 or x86,

Install Phoenix OS And Play PUBGM

If your PC has met all these requirements then you can play pubgm on Phoenix OS without any lag. This is the best way to play pubg mobile on phoenix os without using any emulators.

  1. You need to visit Phoenix OS official site to download this OS.

You will see the download page. You need to click on Mega of EXE Installers for Windows.

phoenix os pubg mobile
Download EXE Installer

3. After downloading, you need to run exe installer. Select Install if you want to install phoenix os on your hard drive or select U Disk if you want to install it on Pendrive.

Phoenix os pubg mobile4. After finishing the installation, your pc will restart and after the reboot, select Phoenix OS in Windows Dual Boot Menu. Phoenix os pubg mobile5. Now your pc has installed an Android Operating system. You can run every single android app or game on it.

Install Pubg Mobile On Phoenix OS – Keymapping Guide

  1. After opening phoenix os, you need to download pubg mobile from Google Play Store.
  2. After Downloading you can run Pubg mobile.
  3. Before running pubg mobile, make sure that you have opened Game Helper which is Octopus key mapping software provided by Phoenix Studio. With it, you can play Shooting games with keyboard and mouse.
  4. Enable Pubg mobile in key mapper software and run it.
  5. When you will open Pubg, an icon will appear on left top. Click it to see the default mapping.
    pubg mobile phoenix os key mapping
    Keys are mapped by Octopus Key Mapper


    You can play pubg mobile on your PC without any lag, emulators and glitches. Tencent Emulator is very unstable because it is running with Windows. If you face any problem then please comment down below.

Note:- Don’t even think that Pubg will not detect phoenix os as an emulator!! Playing with Keyboard and mouse is detected as an emulator by PUBG. Emulator detections will be enabled by default in Phoenix OS so that you need not to worry about your account getting banned for 10 years. Please be fair and don’t use any measures that disable emulator detection.


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